Doctoral Students

profIconVivek P.
Title of ThesisWord Recognition Based Keyword Spotting for Speech Analytics
Date of Joining:  07/11/2012
Status: On Going
profIcon Baiju K.B
Title of ThesisPattern Recognition Studies for Machine Recognition of Online Malayalam Handwritten Characters
Date of Joining:  14/11/2012
Status: On Going
profIcon Reshma P.K
Title of Thesis:Soft Computing Approaches to Domain Specific Information Retrieval in Semantic Web
Date of Joining:  17/11/2012
Status: On Going
profIconSandesh E. Pa.
Title of ThesisTracking of Lips and Facial Motion Analysis from Image Sequences
Date of Joining:  20/11/2012
Status: On Going
profIcon Benson C.C
Title of ThesisMRI Image Analysis for Brain Tumor Detection Using Soft Computing Techniques
Date of Joining:  23/11/2012
Status: On Going
 profIconHabeebath Kakkattuputhiyottil
Title of Thesis: Semantic Analysis with Machine Learning Approaches for Automatic Speech Recognition
Date of Joining:  26/03/2014
Status: On Going
profIconAnoop K.
Title of Thesis: Big Data Analytics on Web Data for Social Emotion Discovery Using Machine Learning Techniques
Date of Joining:  29/02/2016
Status: On Going
 profIconManjary P. Gangan
Title of Thesis: Image Forensics for Digital Image Forgery Detection
Date of Joining:  01/11/2016
Status: On Going

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